Hi! My name is Lynna (lee-nuh) and I`m a huge foodie! I started baking about 5 years ago. Before then, it was all frozen cookie dough and box mixes for me. I always wanted to learn how to bake, but my family didn`t have many baking essentials. I became obsessed with baking when I moved into a college apartment my sophomore year. I got crazy buying baking sheets, pans, etc. and went from having 0 to over 20 (and counting)!

I started baking so much, it became a need for me. I even think about food 24/7. No really, I do. ;) I craved to bake, basically. It launched me into this beautiful, magical, and delicious learning experience about food. Several years ago, I couldn`t even separate an egg...but I have learned so much since then. So, whether you`re new to baking or an experienced cook, I hope you`ll find something you like here!

pumpkin donut holes

Food is a great way to bring people together and a fantastic way to show the people important in your life, that you care about them. I figured, I love baking and I bake for those I love...thus, my oven is always filled with hearts. Hearts In My Oven.

Thank you for stumbling on my little internet space! Happy reading & eating.

Love, Lynna

cinnamon crisp