California Roll Crunch Sandwich

I`m so terribly relieved I`m done with my exams for graduate school. Let`s hope I pass so I don`t have to retake them again! I feel so excited to start graduate school and start another chapter of my life!

Now, I`m feel to bake, bake, and bake! Today, I want to share this awesome recipe for lunch. It`s rare that I post a non-sweet recipe. Yet, this recipe required a croissant (totally a baked good) and the use of an oven to toast it. I have an addiction with baked goodies and the oven… 😉

Sometimes for work I only have 20 minutes to eat lunch because I drive to different locations throughout the day. As much as I would love to save money and make my own lunch to bring on the road…it`s not practical for me. I don`t have anywhere to keep my food, except my car. No refrigeration. Just the heat from the sun, shining into my car. I definitely do not want to eat a soggy or warm salad for lunch. So, I go to this South Korean bakery chain called Paris Baguette. They have these AMAZING pre-made sandwiches. Can you guess which one is my favorite?

Yup. Their California roll crunch rolls. I took my first bite and wanted to melt in my chair. It was just SO GOOD. It`s like eating a sushi sandwich. I loved the crab salad inside, the cucumbers, the lettuce, and oh, the avocado!

It was simple enough for me to try to recreate at home. Let me tell you, I can`t cook. I can only bake. So, this was very easy-peasy. Not to mention, it`s different from your ordinary sandwiches. The recipe is only for 1 serving, since I was only making it for myself. However, everything can easily be multiplied for your needs.

California Roll Crunch Sandwich
Hearts in My Oven Original | Yields: 1 serving | Level: Easy | Total Time:  20 minutes
          2 sticks imitation crab, shredded
          2-3 tablespoons mayo
          Salt and pepper, to taste
          Romaine hearts lettuce
          1 avocado, sliced
          ½ a medium size cucumber, sliced
          1 medium croissant, sliced in half
1.       In a small bowl, combine your shredded imitation crab, mayo, salt, and pepper well. Set aside.
2.       Flatten your croissant with palms of your hand.
3.       In a 300°F oven, toast your croissant sandwich until toasted, about 3-5 minutes.
4.       On the top half slice, flipped upside, line your avocado slices. Then, cucumber slices. Spread your crab mixture on top. Line your lettuce on top. Sandwich with bottom part of croissant.
          I used Kewpie, Japanese mayo. Regular mayo will work too. Used 2 tablespoons of mayo, mix together well and taste. Add more, to suit your tastes.


          I used a sprinkle of salt and a couple dashes of pepper.