Green Tea Crunch Ice Cream

I don`t think Southern California has decided what weather it wants to feel like for the past months. It`ll be cold and gloomy for 2 weeks, then hot and sunny the next week. Well, I guess it doesn`t matter to me, because when it comes to ice cream, I always help myself to some.

On a whim I decided to finally buy the Jeni`s Splendid Ice Cream At Home book. You know how there are days, okay, for me, there are many days, where I just feel like buying something. I`m sure it`s unhealthy, but it is what it is. Some days, I want to buy large size milk tea boba. Others, I want to buy cookbooks.

Anyway, Jeni’s recently opened a location in Los Angeles and I`ve been dying to go. I have yet to go since it`s over an hour drive away from me. One day I decided to go before dropping my sister off at UCLA, but sometimes the world is mean, and the shop was closed because they had a recall. Oh well, I guess I will just stick to making her amazing ice creams at home! (It has reopened now, though!)


There isn`t a green tea ice cream recipe in the book, but I used her base recipe to create one because I love green tea flavored anything! One thing I adore about Jeni’s ice cream recipe is the fact that it doesn`t require egg yolks. Yay! I don`t want to worry about having tons of leftover egg whites. Or, buying lots of eggs just to make ice cream. Sometimes eggs can get pricey! (Maybe it`s just me.)

I already have green tea ice cream recipes on the blog, but can you really get enough? Plus, this is a different technique! I loved this ice cream and the added chocolate crunch is a great texture addition!

Scoop, scoop! Who needs a bowl? Just scoop from the container.

Green Tea Crunch Ice Cream
Adapted: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams At Home | Yields: 1 quart  | Level: Easy-Medium | Total Time:  70 minutes + at least 4 hours chilling time
          2 cups whole milk
          1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon cornstarch
          1 ½ ounces cream cheese, softened
          Dash of salt
          1 ¼ cups heavy cream
          2/3 cup granulated sugar
          2 tablespoons light corn syrup
          1 tablespoon green tea/matcha powder
          1 Crunch Chocolate bar (chocolate w/ crisped rice pieces), melted
1.       If needed, freeze your ice cream freezer bowl at least 24 hours in advance.
2.       In a small bowl, mix about 2 tablespoons of milk with the cornstarch. Set aside.
3.       In a large bowl, whisk cream cheese and salt together. Set aside.
4.       Prepare a large bowl with cold water and ice. Have a gallon zipper bag placed inside a measuring cup (or any big cup/bowl).  Set aside.
5.       In a large saucepan, combine the rest of the milk, heavy cream, sugar, and corn syrup. Heat until rolling boil, then, boil for 4 minutes. Stir occasionally.
6.       Turn off heat, whisk in matcha powder very quickly. Reheat and let it boil for 1 minute.
7.       Turn off the heat, slowly whisk in the milk and cornstarch mixture from Step 2.
8.       Reheat and let mixture boil for 1 minute, it will thicken slightly.
9.       Gradually add mixture into the cream cheese, while whisking constantly, until smooth.
10.    Pour everything into large gallon zipper bag. Make sure bag is sealed, dunk in bowl with cold water and ice. Let mixture cool down completely, at least 30 minutes.
11.   Snip a corner of zipper bag and pour mixture into your ice cream machine and churn according to your manufacturer’s instructions.
12.   When ice cream is almost ready, melt the chocolate Crunch bar. Drizzle in melted chocolate as ice cream is churning.
13.   Transfer ice cream into a freezer safe container. Press a sheet of parchment paper on top. Freeze ice cream until its firmer, about 4+ hours, or until it reaches your desired consistency.
           It’s easier to have the gallon zipper bag placed in a vessel of some sort to hold it up. Optional.
          The matcha powder may leave lots of specks in your mixture, as if it didn’t dissolve. This is fine. You can place a fine sieve over the opening of your ice cream machine as you pour in the mixture. Once churned, these specks will dissolve.
          I also like added a layer of plastic wrap on top of my ice cream to help with freezer burn. ss
          Homemade ice cream tends to be harder than store-bought ice cream. Let ice cream soften up a bit on the container for about 10 minutes before scooping.