Brownies (My Favorite)

Oh my…I am terribly sorry for not being able to post this past Monday for Brownie Monday! I was incredibly busy with graduating stuff, moving out of my college apartment, and packing for my family road trip that it completely slipped my mind! I will talk more about them later when I get the chance.
Hope you all will forgive me. I am still on vacation with my family, but I am sneaking in some time to make this post. These brownies are important! Why, you ask? Because…out of all the brownies I have made so far, THESE ARE MY FAVORITE! Yep. These are the ones. Coincidentally, they are also Deb`s, from Smitten Kitchen, favorite as well! Deb definitely knows what good food is!

Any type of brownie lover should definitely try this recipe at one point, preferably, REAL soon. Before summer beach visits are in order. Since you would want to make these all the time! 😉
These brownies are slightly fudgy-ish and thick. I love the soft texture. Not cake-like and they are easy to make! Of course, my rating for these particular brownies would be 5/5! 😀 Something you definitely cannot miss!
To get the recipe: Smitten Kitchen