Roasted Strawberry Yogurt Muffins

Yes, more roasted strawberries! 🙂 I fell in love with them the first time, so I decided to up its factor into another baked good: muffins! For these muffins, I roasted the strawberries, then squeezed half of them to get their juices. Then, I added their juices into the muffin batter. So, not only will the roasted strawberries enhance the strawberry smell and flavor, their juices will, too! The yogurt in the muffins also makes them nice and moist, with a little tang!

These were definitely well received by my family! I mean, who doesn`t love a good muffin with some crumb topping? 😉

Today, I am guest posting for Meriem, over at Culinary Couture. We became acquainted when she asked me to be a guest in the Mystery Dish Challenge at the end of last year. If you remember my puff pastry apple pie, that was my entry for the challenge!

Meriem is crazyyy talented! Remember, when I challenged myself to make the dulce de leche mocha macarons? It was for the Sucre macaron challenge and Meriem was the winner with her wonderful Tiramisu Macarons!!! She`s made several other wonderful macarons as well. She also bakes some really stunning cakes for all sorts of occasions. If you follow her on Facebook, you will see what I mean!

To see my guest post and for the recipe for these crazy, fabulously strawberry muffins, head on over!